National Silverleaf Whitefly Progress Review 
National Research, Action, and Technology Transfer Plan,
1997-2002: Fifth Annual Review of the Second 5-Year Plan
February 10-12, 2002

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All abstracts must be received by January 11, 2002, to be included in the publication. You MUST use the format listed below for submission of abstracts.


  1. Abstracts are to be provided on a 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB floppy in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Please note on your disk which format you have used, including whether it is in Macintosh or PC format. Our typist will reformat abstracts to Microsoft Word using Times 10 point font so that all abstracts will be formatted alike for publication. Alternatively, your abstract may be submitted via e-mail to Marla Lawrence at ""


  2. In addition to your abstract file being stored on floppy disk in a word processing program, please store your abstract as an ASCII file (text only) on the same disk. Occasionally we have problems converting a disk or translating a file, and this may help us recover data that we would otherwise have to retype.


  3. Each page must have the following 5 lines at the top of the page. These lines will be included within the required margin.

    INVESTIGATOR'S NAME(S): i.e., John Doe
    AFFILIATION & LOCATION: i.e., USDA, ARS, Western Cotton Research Lab, Phoenix, AZ
    RESEARCH & IMPLEMENTATION AREA: i.e., Section A: Ecology...
    DATES COVERED BY THE REPORT: usually the past field season

    Title of Your Abstract (bold and centered)


  4. Since abstracts will be printed, in final form, utilizing the above-mentioned font, do not use a smaller print style than 10 point.


  5. Abstracts are limited to one page of text:

    TOP MARGIN: 1 inch
    BOTTOM MARGIN: 1 inch
    LEFT MARGIN: 1.25 inches
    RIGHT MARGIN: 1 inch

    No graphics or tabular material are to be used, including cut and paste.


  6. Use no indents; double space between paragraphs; and set justification at "off" (ragged right margin). Remember that if using ASCII format, any Greek, math, or other special print characters will not be recognized when the file is converted.


  7. Provide a hard copy of your abstract along with your floppy disk. Please "test" your abstract to determine that it will meet the above formatting requirements, and not exceed the one-page limit. NOTE: IF YOUR ABSTRACT DOES NOT MEET THE ONE-PAGE LIMIT, IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU AND NOT PUBLISHED IN THE PROGRESS REVIEW.


You are not limited in the number of abstracts you submit. Just remember that the above-listed format requirements apply to all abstract submissions.

Address your abstracts and disks to:
Marla Lawrence
4135 E. Broadway Road
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Please call Marla (602) 379-3524 x236 with questions.



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